Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Book Review 02 - Cartwheel

Book Review 02
by Jennifer DuBois

For those who know me well, or at least keep up a little with me on Facebook, you know how I feel about books. 

Basically - I love books. 
I mean - I really really really love books.  :)
I have been a collector and keeper of books for as long as I can remember.

I have piles of books spread around my home.
Books add to my enjoyment of life.
I even occasionally often read my books.
I also read library books.  And friends' books.  And books at book stores.
Lately, I've pushed myself to read more eBooks on my lovely Kindle
(affectionately known as Mikey).
And, as it turns out, I actually enjoy eBooks.
I think it's because I can carry so many around with me!
So, in my quest to read ever more books, and eBooks in particular, I've become pretty good at sneaking out some decent deals and freebies.
Recently, I was given the opportunity to read "Cartwheel" just as it was being published, and I am so glad that I jumped on the chance - It is a GREAT book!!
Triggered off of the Amanda Know story, this work of fiction tells the story of a young American exchange student, Lily Hayes, who is celebrating her 21st birthday while she is staying in Buenos Aires.  As she ponders her life and her place in the world, she finds that she is suddenly charged with the murder of her roommate.
The tale is told from several points of view, including the central figure as well as her father, her younger sister, her mysterious lover, and the prosecuting attorney.  All players have compelling back stories, and the novel takes a smart approach by moving back and forth in time and slowly expanding our overall opinion of the events.
Rather than focusing solely on the guilt or innocence of Lily, we are treated to compelling character studies of the surrounding characters.

The language is often quite lovely and occasionally lofty.
(Yes, I was glad to be reading on my Kindle, with the ability to look up definitions!)
The ending, though rather abrupt after all that came before it, was satisfying.
My recommendation?
This is a really good read!!  Try it - you might really enjoy it!!



Sunday, December 30, 2012

Book Review 01 - Unholy Night

Book Review 01
Unholy Night
by Seth Graham-Smith

One of my goals for the next few months is to work my way through the ginormous stack of books that I own.  I have a tendency to accept offers of free books/borrow books that others really enjoyed/buy books that sound soooo good and/or are on sale...  But I also have a tendency to "save" said books while I read  book club selections or library books that are on the last 7 days or whatever catches my eye at the moment.
So, starting this past week and going forward until the pile is gone, I intend to read at least one of my current books to every two "other" books.
Or something like that.  We'll see how it goes.

Earlier this year, I breezed through "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter" by the same author.  I enjoyed the mix of history with fantastical, and was excited when I picked up a copy of his latest release around the same time.
So, about a week or so ago, I decided that the first book I would actually read from my collection would be "Unholy Night".  The first book of my  new plan, the very week of Christmas - it seemed like perfect timing to me.  :)
The author has taken the story of the night of Jesus' birth, and expanded it to imagine the night as something beyond the known biblical tale.  He dares to explore what life might really have been like at that time in history, and he captures the reader's attention by setting up the Wise Men, and Balthazar in particular, as criminals.
I was barely able to put the book down.
The action moves quickly and easily between the night in question and the past, building up the back story of Balthazar and how he came to be with Joseph and Mary that night. 
I found the historical and political aspects to be interesting and eye-opening, and I was definitely drawn to the main characters.
After I finished the book, I mentioned it to my youngest brother who was visiting from Tallahassee.  I know he likes to read, and I thought the historical side would appeal to him.  I loaned it to him, and he almost finished it in the following two days.  I can't wait to chat with him to see what he thought!
My recommendation?
This is a great book!!  Try it - you might really enjoy it!!



Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hey, The Wanted - I'm Glad YOU Came!!

Welcome to my blog!! I am going to be sharing my random and sometimes recurring thoughts on one of my favorite things - POP CULTURE!! I love Pop!! If it's Current, New, Now... I want to try it out!

As I become more experienced with blogging, I hope to create an interesting place for friends to hang out, listen and learn, show and share. So, let's get started!!

Tonight I want to share my love for a very new (to the US, anyway) sensation - straight from the UK, the one, the only, the boy band The Wanted.

I still remember the first time I heard "Glad You Came" by The Wanted. Of course I remember - it was only like a month or so ago! I happened to be watching a DVR'd episode of Ellen, and suddenly there was this fun song that made me go - WOW!! I think I played that bit of the show at least 3-4 times in row, because I was so taken with the song!!

Now they are playing live (yes, LIVE - thank you, guys, for singing for REAL!) and living large on American Idol. =)!

You know what's WANTED now?? Their CD - coming soon, and I can't wait!

Stay tuned, for more Pop Musings!!